Why GBN ?


We are not a Traditional Consultancy

Traditional consultancies with single “in-depth” skill sets have difficulty matching the global scope of issues that international operations face and the speed required for successful resolution.

We provide “One Stop Shopping”

It is generally not cost-effective to engage and manage multiple consultants to access needed expertise, and difficult to maintain their focus.

We function as an”In-Country General Contractor”

GBN functions as the equivalent of an In-Country “General Contractor” in that we represent a single source that will assume the responsibility of assembling and coordinating a Team to collaborate with your management, thereby eliminating the cost and inefficiency of disconnected advice from multiple sources.

We provide an”In House International Business” Division

GBN provides the equivalent of an internal “International Business Division” that will provide the expertise to assist you to determine WHERE to do business in the  world, HOW to do business abroad and how to ENHANCE and SUSTAIN your economic viability.