Country Affiliates

The Global Bridges Network (“GBN“) Country Affiliates were initially established to expand the successful China Bridge model to other countries.

The creation of GBN and the subsequent inclusion of various Country Specific Affiliates within GBN has been effective.  GBN and the current Country Specific Affiliates meet no less than every quarter to discuss the political, cultural and business opportunities relative to each of the countries represented and to explore the cross-selling of business opportunities and international expertise between the various Country Specific Affiliates.

Potential business opportunities are identified and discussed at some length at the GBN meetings and thereafter “filtered” to enable Global Bridges Network and the various Affiliates to focus on realistic projects likely to generate revenue.

Business opportunities that so qualify are then categorized, monitored and coordinated through the Executive Director and the Core Management Team to become legitimate, vested projects to pursue.


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