Japan Bridge

japan bridge

Japan offers attractive opportunities for investors: cost competitiveness, business-friendly environment, advanced technology and infrastructure, and a highly-skilled workforce. Global businesses can benefit from one of the world’s largest, most dynamic economies, as well as easy access to Asia-Pacific.

While Japan may be a developed country, it doesn’t mean it is stopped developing. From retail to healthcare, this country offers endless opportunity for foreign companies.  The Japanese government is aware to the importance of overseas investments and goes to many efforts to help developing it. The government policies are very friendly toward foreign investors and while maintaining a social framework they are capitalistic by nature.  Japan’s high levels of technology development and manufactured goods had made it into an appealing option for many international companies that both use the country’s advantages and seek to enhance their business relations with successful Japanese enterprises.

Japan has always been sitting in the “In Between” ground, belonging to both the westernized world and the Far East.  In recent decades the growing economical power of other Asian countries has placed Japan in a center role – forming a gateway to Asia for many foreign companies who require guidance to establish and expand their businesses within North America and for Western companies to establish and expand their businesses in Japan. Japanese and/or Western businesses can successfully navigate this journey by collaborating with an experienced team of global business experts available through Japan Bridge.

GBN’s network of seasoned global professionals will act as an external extension of your internal staff.  The core team of successful problem solvers at Africa Bridge understands the complexities of global business, diverse cultures, the red tape of working abroad, and the potential pit falls inherent in doing business internationally.

Working with Japan Bridge provides you unique access to established and emerging global markets.  The Global Bridges Network provides our clients with in-country experts who understand the business, culture and political issues within each country serviced by the Global Bridges Network. Our country specific experts share our approach for developing and maintaining successful long-term international business relationships.