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The Nordic countries have a strong tradition of research and innovation, and a well-developed traditional and digital infrastructure. The Nordic region offers a business-friendly environment with access to a dynamic market – the domestic, Nordic and European. Information exchange is characterized by accessibility, openness and transparency.

The Nordic region is also well advanced in green technology, which is predicted to become one of the key competitive factors in the global market in the future. In addition, efforts are being made to create sustainable development in the region – socially, economically as well as one of the best internationalized economies not only in the European Union but in the entire world. Its central location, high productivity, first-rate infrastructure and encouraging policies really make it one of the best destinations for investment to foreign investors.

The Nordic has an impeccable record being a supplier of quality innovations. Its strategic location really works in its advantage. Sweden is centrally located and hence you have an easy access to the highly prosperous domestic as well as the Scandinavian markets. The unique selling point of
The Nordic region which really makes it stand out from other regions in the European Union is the simplicity it offers to businesses to do business in its international environment. It is open in its functioning and is transparent in providing information. There are really some results that corroborate this fact.

As the Nordic region remains unexplored, it has lots of room for investment  and guidance is needed for companies in the Scandinavian markets to establish and expand their businesses within North America and for North American Businesses to establish and expand their businesses into the Scandinavian markets and elsewhere worldwide.  Scandinavia based and/or Western businesses can successfully navigate this journey by collaborating with an experienced team of global business experts available through Scandinavian Bridge.

Our Collaborative Services Network of seasoned global professionals will act as an external extension of your internal staff.  The core team of successful problem solvers at Scandinavian Bridge understands the complexities of global business, diverse cultures, the red tape of working abroad, and the potential pit falls inherent in doing business internationally.

Working with Scandinavian Bridge provides you unique access to established and emerging global markets.  The Global Bridges Network provides our clients with in-country experts who understand the business, culture and political issues within each country serviced by the Global Bridges Network. Our country specific experts share our approach for developing and maintaining successful long-term international business relationships.


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