Culture and Education

Just as serious environmental issues are inherently involved when GBN focuses on international agribusiness, international automotive or foreign investment in United States real estate, so too Culture and Educational issues must be considered in connection with each of these categories. Peter Theut in his capacity as the Founder of GBN and his capacity along with Jerome Hill as Co-Founders of China Bridge, have over 40 years of experience in presenting seminars on foreign culture, and particularly Chinese and Japanese culture. Not only do Mr. Theut and Mr. Hill continue to lecture on foreign culture and education as these topics relate to worldwide commerce and society, but both gentlemen have written extensively on the subject and both have served as Advisors to private and governmental institutions that focus on international culture and education. Mr. Theut has served as an Advisor to the Detroit China Business Association for many years and currently serves as an Advisor to the Confucius Institute at the University of Michigan. In addition, Mr. Theut will be collaborating with the University of Michigan Law School in the Fall to conduct a workshop for 2 nd year U of M Law School students enrolled in the Law School’s “International Transaction Clinic”.

images (1)Mr. Theut also is on the Board of Directors of the Gridiron Leaders Foundation (“GLF”), a foundation founded by Chris McLaurin to enable exceptional student-athletics to become global-minded leaders. GLF utilizes American football as a vehicle for peace and cultural understanding between the United States and China, shaping America’s most promising college football players into ambassadors of sport, culture and country.   GLF sends this nation’s best and brightest gridiron leaders abroad to spread the positive power of a sports culture into China’s grassroots football movement by connecting American student-athletics with China’s best professional linguistic and athletic opportunities.

US China Gridiron Leaders

GLF applicants are carefully hand-picked for membership in a select group of mobile ambassadors of the United States and American football. These individuals return home having grown through hands-on experiences and global leadership, organizational management, cultural bridging, contributing to a more meaningful personal and professional development path that will echo far into their futures. It is an honor and a privilege for Mr. Theut to serve Chris McLaurin and the unique international entity that Chris McLaurin has created. More information about GLF.

With respect to culture and education, GLF also shares office space in its headquarters in Ann Arbor with WeActInc. WeActInc. Is a creative service provider that partners throughout the United States and China. It was founded and managed by Angela Wang Beasinger and a special team well-connected and versed in both U.S. and China cultures and business environments. WeAct specializes in promoting U.S./China business, cultural and educational collaborations. More information can be obtained relative to the international student services provided by WeActInc.