The Process

In servicing its clients, GBN adheres to the following Process:

Initial Contact: Initial contact may be made with any Officer of Global Bridges Network or any Member of the Network’s Core Management Team.

Initial Meeting: An Initial Meeting is arranged, preferably in person of if necessary, by telephone conference between the potential client and the Officer and/or member of the Core Management Team contacted.  There is no charge for the Initial Meeting.


intial meet

Purpose of Initial Meeting:  To identify each issue the potential client is likely to encounter in attempting to do or to expand the client’s business in a specific country or industry.  With respect to matters that cannot be addressed by the In-house GBN experts, the GBN Core Management Team will undertake to identify and assemble a “Team” of international business experts to address matters deemed to require assistance from outside advisors.

Engagement Letter: If the potential client elects to go forward after the Initial Meeting, an Engagement Letter will be executed between the client, GBN and the Affiliate and/or Affiliates (collectively the “Team”) representing the country and/ or industry in which the client is doing or intends to do business.