Philanthropy – Global Community Outreach

In addition to the Country and Industry Specific Affiliates that make up Global Bridges Network, GBN is also affiliated with our philanthropic arm, Global Community Outreach (“Outreach”).
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Function:  Outreach is a philanthropic organization that collaborates with various Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) to provide refurbished medical devices, portable medical laboratories and portable point-of-use water filtration devices to needy parts of the world Internationally and Domestically.  Outreach also assists in the refurbishing and construction of rudimentary structures to be utilized as medical field clinics in remote parts of the world.

Partners:  Outreach is privileged to partner with Safe Water Inc. and Safe Water Kenya, both of which are part of the Safe Water Team, headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Principle Objective:  The immediate and ongoing function of Outreach is to assist the above-described entities to raise funds to expand the current successful Safe Water Inc. model created in Kenya to other parts of the world, including certain of the countries now represented by the GBN Country Specific Affiliates.

Facilitation of Market Entry:  Outreach in undertaking its humanitarian efforts has the capability of providing our Affiliates and clients a vehicle for making inroads into foreign markets by generating in-country awareness, local governmental support and local community acceptance.  No matter the cultural or political barriers to entry into a foreign marketplace, potential barriers tend to dissipate and conditions become more favorable for commercial enterprises entering foreign markets if such enterprises are collaborating with entities like Outreach and its partners. The collaboration that Outreach can provide serves to ensure that a portion of the foreign investment will be utilized for local humanitarian purposes.

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