Global Community Outreach

Function: Global Community Outreach  is a philanthropic organization that collaborates with Various   nongovernmental organizations     (NGO’s) to provide refurbished medical devices, Portable medical laboratories and portable point-of-use water filtration devices and assist in Refurbishing and constructing rudimentary structures to be utilized as medical field clinics in Remote parts of the world.  The Global Community Outreach organization is overseen by the Global Bridges Network and by an Advisory Board made up of industry professionals.
Partners: Global Community Outreach is privileged to  partner with Safe Water  Inc. and  Safe Water  Kenya, both of which are supported by Triple Quest in its efforts to provide portable point-of-use water filtration devices.
An Outreach  Vehicle to Facilitate Market Entry through Humanitarian Endeavors:  Global Community outreach in undertaking its humanitarian efforts  provides an outreach vehicle for making inroads for foreign entities to generate in-country awareness, local governmental support and local community acceptance.


The Global Community Outreach Advisory Board.

  • Marcus  Chao

  • Dr. Jerome Hill

  • Paul Scott

  • Arthur Kleinpell

  • Elizabeth Harrington